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Don't Allow A Broken Phone Break Your Business

Communication is at the center of your business, so if your phone gets damaged, so does your business. Fone Tech Lancaster will repair your phone or device quickly, minimising the impact on your operations.

Why Use Fone Tech Lancaster?

We're Reliable

We'llprovidea warranty for all ourwork, so you'll have the peace of mind that comes with this.

We've Got Fantastic Prices

You will not find betterprices for phone repairs in Lancaster.

We Do Fast Repairs

We aim to repair your phone within24 hours. In most cases, you'll have your phone back the same day.

We Use High-Quality Parts

Fone Tech only uses high-quality parts to fix your phone or device.

We Provide Unrivalled Customer Service

Our customers,you are our top priority. Fone Tech has already satisfied thousands of customers, all of whom have benefited from unrivalled customer service.

Types of Phone Repairs Fone Tech Lancaster Can Do

Damaged Screens

f your phone has a cracked or damaged screen, it will degrade its performance and make it look terrible. We can fix or replace your phone’s damaged screen.

Water Damage

Immersing your phone in water or even if it gets heavily sprayed can be disastrous. If your phone suffers water damage, Fone Tech will have it fixed quickly. Don’t allow a bit of water to ruin your phone – bring it to our Lancaster repair shop, and we’ll get it fixed.

Damaged Audio

Enjoying your phone or to the fullest means having excellent audio performance. Speakers can get damaged in various ways, any of which will degrade your phone’s performance. Regardless of what the damage is, Fone Tech can fix it, often within just 45 minutes.

Signal and Reception Issues

Your phone signal continuously dropping out is incredibly frustrating. However, this often occurs due to an issue with your phone’s transmission or reception rather than the network. Poor battery condition or a damaged antenna can cause such problems. Fone Tech’s Lancaster phone repair shop can have your phone operating again fast.

Damaged Buttons or Keypad

Your phone’s keypad and buttons are crucial to its operation, so breaking them can severely hinder the device’s performance. If you drop or knock your phone, the controls can fail, but we can get these issues sorted out quickly. Our team of repair technicians will assess the damage and give you a reasonable price for repairs.

Dead or Damaged Battery

If you are finding you need to charge your phone continuously, it could be
because of two issues :
● Battery damage.

● End of battery life.
Your battery can get damaged if you drop it or knock your phone. Or, you may
have used your phone so much that the battery can no longer maintain a

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Fastest Phone Repairs,
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We save your time with our fast phone repairs. You will get your phone

repaired in 45 minutes or even less time.

Give FoneTech Lancaster the Opportunity to Repair Your Phone

Our Lancaster phone repair shop can fix most phone brands, including Apple, Motorola, Samsung, etc. We can fix a range of faults, from dead batteries to cracked screens.

Our team of skilled and experienced technicians will repair your phone fast and at a great price. Contact us today to fix any of the following issues:


Audio issues


Operating issues


Battery replacement


Poor volume


Broken buttons


Malfunctioning camera


Damaged charging port


Damaged screen

1. Broken buttons

2. Damaged headphone jacks

3. Replacement parts

4. Operation defects

5. Malfunctioning charging ports

6. Battery charging problems

7. Battery charging problems

8. Damaged screens